Ride Sharing

Ride Sharing

Ride Sharing - The risks, the law and insurance

As one of the largest insurance brokers across the islands, we are passionate in promoting safer driving across the Channel Islands, particularly to young and inexperienced drivers. Islands are therefore delighted to be a partner in the Arrive Alive CI Campaign.

It is important to know that drivers who accept payment or reward from passengers will not be covered by their car insurance unless they do so as part of a registered hire business, licensed to carry passengers, that is expressly covered by their insurance policy. Road traffic accidents can result in very serious injuries. An uninsured driver will be personally liable to passengers or third parties for any injuries or damage caused in the event of an accident, even if the driver was only partly to blame.

We would encourage both young drivers and their parents to be jointly educated into what is covered under their car insurance, especially as a standard motor policy does not automatically extend to cover such activities.

IT IS IMPORTANT TO NOTE - If a driver is involved in an accident and it was proven that they were giving lifts for “Hire and Reward” if a personal injury compensation claim was brought against them, by a passenger(s) within the car or third parties this would not be covered by their car insurance and a claim could be brought personally against the driver themselves or their parents.

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