More concerns for Channel Island travellers…

Not only do we have to deal with regular travel disruption owing to fog and high winds we also have to cope with a heavy reliance on just a small number of airlines connecting our beautiful islands with the UK.

Posted on: 15/01/2020

Flybe’s current financial difficulties have further highlighted the need for Channel Islanders to invest in high quality, and cover rich, travel insurance policies, and not just look for the cheapest price.

Around 50% of all flights from Jersey and Guernsey to the UK are provided by Flybe. Many standard or budget travel insurance policies will not operate in the event of the financial failure of a scheduled airline. ATOL protection (the travel industry compensatory body) only operates if you have booked your flight as part of a package holiday not if you have directly booked independent travel via scheduled flights as many of us using Flybe do.

In addition, for any travel within the UK and Channel Islands, most standard travel policies also expect you to have pre-booked at least two nights accommodation in the UK for cover to operate.

This is why Islands have an exclusive Travel insurance product designed specifically for Channel Islanders that will pay for scheduled airline failure* and travel issues to the UK whether you are going on holiday, visiting family, friends,  your own UK property or making an international connection via a UK airport.

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*provided that the airline’s financial difficulties are not public knowledge at the time you buy your policy.


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