Business Claims


Business Claims

If an incident occurs which may give rise to a claim, please tell us about it immediately as delaying could lead to your cover being invalidated.

Even if you’re not making a claim for damage to your property or other expenses, you may find yourself facing a claim from an employee or other party involved. We will give you help and advice and deal with any claims made against you, but please do not wait until you receive letters from the employee, other party or their insurers or lawyers.

Many of our policies provide a 24 hour Helpline and legal expenses insurance, the details of which will be shown in the policy or schedule.

Please refer to our Business Claims Guide or Motor Claims Guide which explain what to do for the most frequently occurring claims, deals with sensible steps you need to take and it tells you what we can do to help. 

Your policy document will explain precisely what is and is not covered, copies of many of these policy wordings are available online.

Please read your policy and schedule in detail before making a claim.