Home Rebuilding Costs Guide

Rebuilding Costs Guide

If your Home is damaged and you make a claim, your policy will pay the full cost of any repairs, even up to a complete rebuild if necessary. All our Home Policies are based on the cost of rebuilding your property in the event of a total loss and the sum insured that you set must represent the full rebuilding cost of your home.  This guide will help you to work out how much it might cost to rebuild your home. If you need further advice or assistance please ask us or your insurance broker for help.

Download the guide: Guernsey & Alderney Jersey

To calculate your own rebuilding cost using this guide:

  1. House Type: identify your house type - detached, semi-detached, house, bungalow, terraced and establish the correct rebuilding cost for your property.

  2. Work out the area of your house (you may choose to work in square metres or square feet): first measure round the outside of your house and then multiply the length by the width to establish the ground floor area (i.e. 15m x 10m = 150 sq. m). If your house is more than 1 storey in height multiply the ground floor area by the number of storeys to establish the total floor area of your house (i.e. if your house has 2 storeys - 150sq m x 2 = 300sq m). If the upper storeys are significantly different in size, measure each storey separately and add to the ground floor area.

  3. Multiply the total area of your house by the rebuilding cost (i.e. 300 sq. m x £2,435 = £730,500). This is the rebuilding cost of the main building.

  4. Garages/Conservatories/Outbuildings/Garden Walls, Gates and Fences/Swimming Pools/ Drives, Paths and Pavings: Add an allowance for any separate garage or carport, conservatory, other outbuilding, garden walls, swimming pools, drives, paths and pavings.

  5. Other Elements (if applicable): Add an allowance for any other elements such as tennis courts and any luxury specifications such as luxury kitchens and indoor or outdoor Jacuzzis.

  6. Professional Fees: These costs will vary according to the type and complexity of the building. However, as a guide you should allow an additional 18%.

  7. Location Load: If you live in Alderney, Sark or Herm rebuilding costs are likely to be higher than Guernsey or Jersey so add the additional allowance recommended.