Water Damage - How at risk is your home?

How at Risk is Your Home?

The risks of water damage

It’s not just old houses: modern apartments, larger properties, and multi-generational homes are all at an increased risk of flooding because of their design.

  • The open-plan living spaces that are popular in many modern one- or two-bedroom apartments may be contemporary, but they enable water damage to spread more quickly through the property.
  • Larger properties often have complex water and heating systems, with expensive and integrated fittings requiring greater skill to install and maintain in the long-term.
  • Multi-generational living can also bring additional risks of flooding. Adapting a house to accommodate older children or elderly parents can have an impact on the property’s water system. Installing additional bathrooms will give more points from which water could escape and may increase the water pressure, placing greater demand on the pipes.
  • The increased popularity of plumbed-in appliances such as American fridges, boiler taps, and underfloor heating is also adding to the number of points from where water can escape.

In the Channel Islands, modern homes and older properties have been affected. Undetected leaks have quickly spread through homes, resulting in extensive damage to ceilings, floors and personal possessions.Putting things right can mean extensive and intrusive repair works causing great inconvenience and upset for the occupants. Personal possessions have been damaged irreparably.

As a homeowner, you are responsible for maintaining your property in a good state of repair. If your home is badly flooded and you have to make a claim, it could affect the cost of your future insurance premiums.