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This includes the cost of demolition, site clearance, architects & planning application fees.
Why should I consider this cover?
If you are a decision maker of a residents association, cover protects you against claims made against you for wrongful actual or alleged acts such as:
  • breach of trust
  • breach of duty
  • neglect/error/omission
  • misstatement
Why should I consider this cover?
To comply with Health and Safety Codes of Practice in the Channel Islands, it is a statutory requirement on users and owners of the following equipment to arrange a written scheme of examination provided by an engineering inspection policy with a specialist insurer.
  • Lifting equipment and accessories (ie cranes, lifts, excavators, fork lift truck, chains, slings)
  • Pressure systems (ie air receivers, air compressors, autoclaves, steam boilers)

General Questions

Please provide details of each claim or incident, click the button below to add further claims.
Your quote will be based on the following assumptions about the your business. Please tick the box to confirm that you have read the assumptions and that your business does satisfy these assumptions.
  • If buildings cover was requested: The property is in a good state of repair and will be maintained as such and there has not been any previous subsidence, land heave or flooding at the property.

The business and any owner, director or partner in the business (whether under a current or previous trading name or interest)
  • have never been refused insurance, had a policy cancelled or renewal refused or had special terms or exclusions applied.
  • have no pending prosecutions, current investigations or convictions for criminal offences including fraud, robbery, theft or the handling of stolen goods.
  • have no pending prosecutions, current investigations or convictions for breaches of Health & Safety, Data Protection, Employment or Discrimination legislation.
  • have never been declared bankrupt, had any court judgements made against them or made arrangements with creditors.
Please note that non-disclosure can render your policy invalid.
If you and your business does not meet all of the assumptions, it may still be possible to quote for you but you should provide more information in the box below or contact us either by telephone or in person instead.