Driving in Winter

Winter is coming…make sure you prepare for the changing conditions with our safety tips

Ensure your windscreen, windows and mirrors are kept clean

Snow or ice on these surfaces can impact visibility. Additionally, be sure that your windows are not fogged up with condensation before driving.

Check your wipers and top up on washer fluid

Debris and dirt can also be distracting and affect your view, whilst your wipers need to be in good working order to deal with increased rain and snowfall chances.

Check your lights

Faulty bulbs or fuses could prevent your headlights, indicators or brake lights from working when you need them most.

Check your tyres

Grip is going to be important and this means your tyres need to be in a good condition. Although the legal limit for tread is 1.6mm, NFU Mutual recommend having at least 3mm tread. In really wintry conditions consider using snow chains or snow socks.

Clear exhaust pipe & roof

If any dirt or debris is present on your roof or in your exhaust, this could cause issues for yourself or other motorists.

Plan your journey

Give thought to locations that might be badly affected due to winter weather and always have the appropriate tools in your car, in case of emergency.

Continually check for faults

Checking once at the start of winter doesn't mean you will not be prone to issues later on in the year, be sure to check your vehicle regularly.

It is recommended that you should carry the following in your car:

Ice scraper

Phone charger

Torch and spare batteries

Warm clothes and blankets

Warm clothes and blankets

High-visibility jacket

First aid kit

Boots with good grip

Empty fuel can

Jump start cables


Food and drink

Road atlas

Reflective warning sign

Phone Charger


As always common sense should prevail, check your vehicle before driving & if the weather is worse than usual, allow more time for your journey, make sure to slow down & stay alert at all times.

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