Storm Support Hub: Your Guide for Home and Car Claims

For everyone in the Channel Islands facing the tough aftermath of the recent storm, we’re here with you.

We’ve seen the extent of the damage, from the roofs torn apart in Jersey to the widespread effects across the Channel Islands. If your home or car has been damaged, we’re geared up and ready to support you.

Here for You

We’re set up to handle your immediate needs:

  • A Safe Place to Stay: If your home has been compromised, we’ll sort out temporary accommodation
  • Business Support: Struggling businesses, we’re on hand to help you recover your stride fast.
  • Quick Car Claims: We’re expediting the process for damaged vehicles, getting you back in the driver’s seat.

Take Action to Protect Your Property

  • Record Evidence: Take photos or record a video of the damage.
  • Emergency Repairs: Go ahead with any urgent fixes to stop further damage. Just make a note of any repairs undertaken and keep your receipts. – these details are crucial for your claim.
  • Reach Out to Us: We kindly request that you reserve calling us for emergency claims only.

Prioritising the Most Affected

  • Immediate Attention to Urgent Claims: If you are without shelter or your primary vehicle is no longer roadworthy, your claims are our foremost priority.
  • For less pressing matters, you may send an email to

Simplifying NFU Mutual Home Claims Process

For a smoother notification claims process, we’ve made our online form really straightforward – But remember, it’s just for home claims that need quick attention. For car claims or anything else, head to our claims page and download the necessary form.

Our teams are positioned throughout the Channel Islands to offer tailored support wherever necessary. We’re committed to processing your claims to mitigate the interruption to your daily routines. We’re here to support your path to recovery and rebuilding with genuine care and prompt service, where possible.

Ready to Start Your Claim?

Let’s Get You Moving Forward

Frequently Asked Questions


What should I do before filing a claim?

Document all damages with photos and keep all relevant receipts. Early contact with our team can facilitate a faster claims process.

Will my premiums go up because of the storm?

It’s too soon to ascertain changes to premiums. Rest assured, any adjustments will be thoroughly considered with fairness to our policyholders at the forefront.

I have an NFU mutual policy with you – What do I do?

Please get in touch with us directly to discuss your NFU mutual policy and any specific concerns or claims you might have.

What should I do if I can’t get through on the phone due to high call volumes?

We understand the frustration due to high call volumes. For urgent assistance, please select the callback option; your request will keep your place in the queue, and we’ll return your call as soon as possible.

What is the process if I require emergency assistance?

If you require emergency assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us by telephone. Our emergency helpline is available 24/7 at 03456047012.

What services does the emergency helpline provide?
The helpline is designed for urgent assistance. The advisor will guide you on the next steps, help instruct a contractor, appoint a Loss Adjuster, and notify us as your insurer.

What should I be aware of when calling the emergency helpline?
From the week beginning 13th November, this will serve only as an out-of-hours helpline. Also, please reserve this helpline for emergencies. Non-emergency calls will have basic data captured, and our team at Islands will call you back for claim notification as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Motor Insurance

Note: The following FAQs are specifically tailored for our customers with NFU mutual policies.

What should I do if someone else’s roof tiles damage my car?

You should claim under your own motor policy initially, as there’s typically no negligence involved.

Is there a replacement vehicle available if my car isn’t driveable?

We don’t provide hire vehicles, but if you use one of our Approved Repairers, they may provide a courtesy car, subject to availability.

What if my car is driveable, but needs repairs?

Our Approved Repairers can provide a courtesy vehicle for you while your car is being repaired.

Can I get temporary repairs to keep my vehicle on the roads?

Yes, our Approved Repairers will undertake temporary repairs to keep you mobile.

What if I choose a non-Approved Repairer for my repairs?

You may do so, but we can’t guarantee the same level of service or availability of a courtesy vehicle.

What steps do I take for windscreen damage claims?

Please fill in the motor windscreen claim form and we recommend visiting one of our approved repairers or a motor glass specialist.

Frequently Asked Questions

Home Insurance

Note: The following FAQs are specifically tailored for our customers with NFU mutual policies.

When should I contact the Islands claims department for my property claim?

Contact Islands claims department by telephone if you require urgent assistance due to:

    • Your property being uninhabitable.
    • Loss of utilities such as electricity or water.
    • Water pouring into the property.
    • Your property being unsafe.
    • Inability to secure or make the property watertight.
    • If you are vulnerable and require additional assistance.

Islands will record your claim, offer guidance, and instruct a Loss Adjuster to help you.

What immediate steps can I take for emergency roof repairs?

Engage a contractor to make emergency repairs to ensure your property is watertight, then submit the invoice, images, and a quotation for the repair. Only one quotation is required.

What should I do if my property is uninhabitable or I’ve lost a utility?

Arrange for emergency accommodation for the required period and contact Islands by telephone as soon as possible. If your contents policy is with us and the building insurer does not provide alternative accommodation, your contents policy may assist.

How do I submit a property claim?

Customers should be directed to our new online claim form. For any queries, contact

What steps should I take if a tree has fallen due to the storm?

  • If the tree has caused damage to your property or fallen into a public space, engage a tree surgeon to remove it and submit a claim form with the invoice.
  • If your tree has fallen onto a neighbouring property, it’s generally the tree owner’s responsibility to arrange removal. Coverage under the policy for such incidents may vary, so please submit a claim form and invoice for consideration.

What immediate actions should I take if my property is damaged?

If the damage requires urgent attention, make the property watertight, arrange any necessary emergency repairs, and get one quotation for repair costs to submit with your claim.

What should I do if my property is uninhabitable?

Arrange alternative accommodation and contact Islands immediately if you have no utilities or the property is unsafe and secure. Your content policy may assist with this.

Do I need multiple quotations for building damage?

At present, you only need to provide one quotation along with images of the damage.

What if I need to claim for additional accommodation?

If your property is uninhabitable, arrange for the least amount of alternative accommodation needed and inform us as soon as possible.

What should I do if my neighbour’s tree falls into my property?

Typically, you should claim under your own home policy first.

Is there cover for gates and fences damaged in a storm?

Unfortunately, we don’t cover storm damage to fences or gates unless insured under a premier home policy.

What if my property is watertight but I’m concerned about future rain?

Arrange an inspection by a contractor to ensure your property remains secure against the elements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Business Insurance

Note: The following FAQs are specifically tailored for our customers with NFU mutual policies.

What should I do if my tenants need alternative accommodation?

Our property owner’s policies provide cover for this. Remember, tenants should continue paying rent if you provide alternative accommodation, and you cannot claim for loss of rent in addition.

My business is damaged and can’t operate. What’s covered?

Business policies generally include business interruption cover if the property is damaged. Check your policy for details, and it may also cover additional costs to keep trading.

Does my policy cover the removal of debris?

Yes, debris removal is covered.

Are professional fees covered by my policy?

Fees for surveyors or engineers needed for repair or reinstatement may be covered, subject to our agreement. Fees for claim presentation, like accountants, are not covered unless specifically agreed.

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