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To enhance the level of service Islands Travel Insurance customers receive, all claims are handled directly by our travel insurance partner, Millstream.

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Millstream work closely with service providers (claims handlers and emergency assistance companies) who share the same values and are committed to delivering the best services at the time it matters most – when the customer needs to make a claim. To exemplify our focus on a smooth and simple journey for the customer, they offer:

  • Fast-track claims handling, where claims meeting agreed criteria can be agreed settled with a minimum of fuss for the customer.
  • E-claims handling, where customers may complete their claim and submit their documents online

When medical assistance is required, priority is given to patient safety at all times.

Make a claim

If you need to make a travel insurance claim, Millstream claims handlers and emergency assistance companies are here to help.

If possible please have your policy number to hand together with your relevant key pieces of information for example, the date and time of the event.

If you do not have these documents to hand, don’t worry as we understand that this can be a difficult and stressful time.

Claim contact numbers are:-

  • Main customer line: 0330 311 2879
  • Option 1: medical assistance
  • Option 2: claims handling
  • Option 3: assistance relating to political unrest or natural catastrophe

To ensure that Millstream’s maintain their focus on the customer experience, they have a dedicated Service Delivery team which actively manages day to day performance and responds immediately on the rare occasions when things go wrong. They also provide a 24hr referral service to their service providers so that decisions on cover and case management can be made rapidly at any time of day.

Millstream is committed to continuous improvement but more importantly they don’t believe in the ‘one size fits all’ approach to service delivery. In fact they pride themselves on their ability to react to the needs of Islands customers, whether by problem solving, process redesign or through technological change.

Millstream Service Delivery Team can be reached at: or +44 (0) 20 7626 2272

Claim outcomes

Islands believe that the vast majority of claims should result in a positive outcome for the customer; high decline rates can be symptomatic of poor sales processes or lack of commitment to customer service. Fairness is at the heart of both of our own and our travel partner Millstream service and we will always seek to pay a claim rather than find reasons to decline it.

Our rate of declined claims is lower than the average in comparison to other travel providers – we uphold 100% of valid claims submitted to us.  However, both Millstream and Islands have zero tolerance for insurance fraud and ensure that our service providers have robust processes in place to deal with potentially fraudulent claims.

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