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Lost Policy Documents

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Protecting you wherever you travel

At Islands, our goal is to keep you covered, wherever you travel. This is why we include a number of key features as standard in all of our travel policies.

Millstream Policy

What you are covered for

  • Trip Cancellation/Curtailment: We cover prepaid travel and
    accommodation costs.
  • Emergency Medical Expenses: We cover medical costs during your trip.
  • Personal Accident: We pay for illness or injury expenses during your trip
  • Travel Disruption: Compensation for delays and cancellations.
  • Political Unrest/Natural Catastrophe Evacuation: Safe evacuation during crises.
  • Collision Damage Waiver: Covers car rental accident costs.
  • Winter Sports: Protects winter sports equipment and
  • Missed Departure/Connection: Covers missed flights due to
    various reasons.
  • Business Travel: Expenses for staff replacement and more.
  • Uninhabitable Accommodation: Alternative accommodation due to disasters.
  • Personal Liability: Covers damages to third parties or property.
  • Legal Expenses: Handles legal costs and representation.
  • SmartDelay Plus: Lounge access or cash for flight delays.
  • Delayed Baggage: Reimbursement for delayed baggage.
  • Loss of Passport/License Expenses: Compensation for replacements.

Making a claim

If you have been involved in an incident which may result in a claim, please tell us about it immediately.

In an emergency call the 24-hour assistance line:

+ 44 (0) 330 660 0758 (Option 1)

To submit and manage a travel claim you can use our travel claims portal, which can be found here:


For assistance with your submitted claim, you can also call Millstream’s claim handlers – Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm on + 44 (0) 330 660 0758 selecting Option 2

Our Travel Claims Guide explains what to do after an incident and deals with what happens next to you and anyone else involved. Your policy document will explain precisely what is and is not covered. Please read your policy and insurance schedule in detail before making a claim.


Have a question about your insurance policy?
We may have the answer already. See answers to our most frequently asked questions below.

How can I contact you?

Our contact details are:

Claims and Assistance Helpline +44 (0)330 660 0758
Travel Customer Services +44 (0)330 660 0758
Islands Jersey insure@islands.je
Islands Guernsey insure@islands.gg
Islands Alderney alderney@islands.gg
Medical Screening Service +44 (0)330 660 0758

Am I covered for valuable items?

Valuables (such as jewellery, watches, glasses, photographic equipment, computers or similar devices and the like) are included as part of your baggage, and personal effects cover on our Prestige and Single trip policies (Bespoke policies offer this as an optional extra).  We offer different levels of cover in total and for single items, so please ensure you pick the right limits, as shown during the policy quote.

We expect you to take reasonable care of all your possessions, and cover for valuable items does not apply when left unattended unless in a locked safe or a safety deposit box.

Am I covered if my travel provider goes into liquidation?

Right now, there is no cover under our policies for the financial failure of an airline or tour operator. We do not add a cover under our policies as there is an increased level of consumer awareness in the event of end supplier failure and the protection provided by:

  • The Package Travel and Linked Travel Arrangements Regulations 2018.
  • Credit card protection under Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act (if you pay for your trip with a credit card)
  • Tour operator protections under ATOL.

Please click here for more information and advice on protecting themselves against a supplier unable to fulfil a booking due to financial failure.

Am I insured if I am pregnant?

Yes, as long you are not travelling less than twelve weeks before or twelve weeks after your expected due date. Please note, however, that your policy only covers unexpected complications of pregnancy and not costs associated with normal pregnancy or childbirth.

Can I cancel the policy?

If the policy doesn’t meet your needs, you will receive a full premium refund if you notify us within fourteen days of receiving the policy documents.  Suppose you travel during this time and make or intend to make a claim. We are entitled to recover all costs.

Can I cover working abroad?

Yes, we include non-manual activities and work such as retail or hospitality.  However, it is good to remember that heavy or hazardous manual work (for example, involving powered machinery other than handheld tools) is not covered.

Can you provide a real-life example of someone benefiting from the new medical screening for their travel insurance?

Certainly! To see how our new medical screening process operates in real-life situations and the advantages it offers, check out this case study from one of our customers. It illustrates how our screening can result in comprehensive coverage, free from surprises, and precisely tailored to individual requirements.

Does cover apply to volcanic ash clouds or strikes?

Our policies cover any disruption to transport departing from or returning to the UK due to weather, strikes or industrial action.

We consider ash clouds to be weather events.

How do I pay the extra premium for my medical conditions? Do I pay separately?

Millstream will ask you a series of questions during your quote about your medical history to understand whether we can offer a cover. Suppose Millstream can offer cover; the extra price for these will be included in the cost of your policy.

If my Doctor says I’m fit to travel, do I still need to tell Millstream my medical conditions?

Millstream has a set of questions to understand if you need to declare your medical conditions to us; you can find these questions on the second page of the policy quote process.

You don’t need to declare your conditions if it appears on the list of automatically covered conditions. You can find a complete list of these on the second page of the policy quote process and in the Millstream Policy Wording.

Please note that we can only cover conditions which have a complete diagnosis by a medical practitioner.

What do I have to let you know?

To ensure you have the full benefit cover, in case you need it, you must answer the quote questions accurately and to the best of your knowledge. Please remember you aren’t answering on your behalf but also of anyone on your policy.

If there are any changes to your health during your policy, you need to contact the medical screening team at 0330 660 0758. Please note, Millstream may charge you additionally. Suppose you don’t contact us, it can leave you with no right to make a claim and may mean that you travel with insufficient cover.

What if my flight’s delayed?

With a delay over 90 minutes, you can unwind in a peaceful lounge or receive a £25  if the lounge isn’t available,

Who’s looking after your Islands travel insurance?

We’ve teamed up with Millstream Underwriting Limited to bring you this travel insurance, and they’re working with AWP P&C SA to make sure you’re covered.

Will I need a visa to travel to Europe?

If you’re a tourist, you do not need a visa for short trips to EU countries, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland or Liechtenstein. You can stay for up to ninety days in any one hundred and eighty-day period.

If you visit more than one of these countries within one hundred and eighty days, check that you do not spend more than ninety days across all the countries you visit. That’s because many countries apply the ninety-day limit as a group.

There are different rules for Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus and Romania. They each have their separate ninety-day limits. The time you spend in other countries does not affect how long you can spend in each of these countries without a visa.

You may need a visa or permit to stay longer, to study, work or travel for business.

Will this policy cover private healthcare?

It’s important to remember that this is a Travel insurance policy, not Private Medical Insurance.  Millstream and us design the Policy cover to give emergency medical treatment, not ongoing care.  As a result, the cover is for emergency medical treatment by a state-run facility (on the same basis as A&E in the UK). However, if this is not possible, we will consider private treatment. However, we must agree on this before treatment.   We will then plan to repatriate you as quickly and safely as possible where medically necessary.

Will you cover me if I have had COVID-19?

Yes, but you need to follow our medical declaration’s terms. This may mean you must undergo a medical screening and pay an additional premium.

Will you help me return home early for a family emergency?

The policy will pay reasonable additional travelling expenses if you must shorten your holiday because of the following:

  • An accident, severe illness, death of a travelling companion, an immediate relative or close business associate.
  • Your home or place of business being made uninhabitable or where Police have asked your attendance following a theft.

Please remember to inform us of any medical conditions or other circumstances you are aware of when getting a quote.

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